Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Course Title Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Course Duration
Target Group
Course Description This course will provide a clear understanding of the strategies that can be employed to overcome the negative effects of corruption.

Interactive learning will support participants’ understanding of the key themes of anti-corruption efforts, such as how structural and cultural changes reduce corruption and create more transparent and accountable governance. By examining best practice case studies, innovative anti-corruption initiatives and the role of investigative efforts, participants will leave equipped to develop an anti-corruption action plan that identifies the risks of corruption and is supported by interagency collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

Course topics (brief) The relationship between regulatory frameworks and corruption

The impact of corruption on social and economic progress

Innovative initiatives to tackle corruption.

Advocacy and global awareness.

Analysis of the ethical dimensions of corruption.

Nature, extent and mitigation of targeted financial crime.

Recent experiences – establishing anti-corruption agencies.

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